Will A Deck vs Patio Suit Your Needs Better?

This Is What People Near You Are Considering When Thinking About Adding A Deck vs Patio To Their Home

Adding a structure to your home is no small feat, and it’s nothing to jump right into. Considering your options is a great start to getting what’s best for you and your family.

In this post, you can find out the definitions of a deck and a patio. You can also discover their similarities and differences.

Top photo of a large gray deck with furniture

What Is A Deck?

A deck is a structure, generally made from wood, that you attach to the back of your house. You can have it level with the ground, slightly raised, or on the higher levels. You can choose to build it with newer materials like composite. It’s a blend of wood and plastic fibers, which gives it more durability and less maintenance than wood.

What Is A Patio?

A patio is a paved area you put in your backyard, either attached to your house or not. You can make it from stone, brick, concrete, and other similar materials. They’re great for hosting and you can put a lot of additions on them.

Is A Deck vs Patio Better For Your Home?

When it comes to choosing a deck vs patio, the main difference comes down to their look. If you like wood best, you’ll like having a deck better. If it’s stone, patios are the way to go.

Other than that, you can make the best decision for you and your home after taking a look at the similarities and differences between decks and patios.

3 Similarities Between Decks And Patios

1. Add additions for more fun

With decks and patios, you can get additions to make them even better. What can change is the additions themselves. For example, you may not be able to add a heavy stone outdoor kitchen to your deck.

2. Increase your home value

Both of these structures increase the value of your home. They add more useable space, which increases the monetary value. Homebuyers will also see these structures and think about all the fun and wonderful memories they can make using them.

3. Their purpose

Decks and patios are both great for entertaining guests or just relaxing on your own. It’s more space for you to enjoy in your home.

9 Differences Between A Deck vs Patio

1. Building material

You make decks from wood or wood-like materials. While not as durable as stone products, you can use wood to create a different atmosphere in your backyard. You make patios from heavier materials like pavers or concrete.

2. How high you can build

You can install decks at different heights, even a couple of stories high. Having a nice view from high up is one of the best parts of getting a raised deck. Patios are always at ground level because of how heavy they are. This heaviness does help them last longer with less damage.

3. Resale value

Decks tend to have a higher resale value than patios. This is especially true if you have a higher up deck because then you get a nice view too.

4. How much they cost

Decks tend to have a higher installation cost than patios. This is mainly due to the material and building process. Lumber prices are rising and the process for building a deck is more complex than for a patio.

5. Changing the look

With a deck, you can change the color and even go from paint to stain or vice versa. A patio stays the same color and material unless you want to rip it out to replace it.

6. How long they take to build

The average deck tends to take less time to build than a patio. Decks need a permit to build more often than not. Patios hardly ever need a permit. Getting a permit will lengthen how long it takes to build your structure.

7. How much weight they can handle

Decks have a weight restriction because they are always slightly lifted off of the ground, and made from wood. Patios can support way more weight because they’re made from stone and you build them into the ground.

8. Amount of maintenance

Decks need more maintenance than patios. You need to reseal a deck more often to protect the wood from water damage, pests, rot, and more.

9. Lifespan

Decks, due to their building material, don’t last as long as patios. Patios can last for years longer because they’re made from more durable materials.

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