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Cleaning your deck, especially a wooden deck, is crucial to ensure your outdoor space reaches its maximum efficiency and lifespan.

Cleaning is the actual maintenance that you’ll have to do but without all the repairs. This includes pressure washing the deck, swiping it regularly, and staining or sealing it every 1 – 2 years.

If you’re doing a thorough deck cleaning (with staining and sealing), it costs approximately $2,000 once every 1 – 2 years, but pressure washing it and swiping the decking surface yourself is free and super helpful for your deck.

Deck Bros offers a complete deck cleaning service in Omaha, NE, together with quality repairs and a superior staining job.

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3 Reasons You Should Clean Your Deck Weekly

Just like you don’t want clothes and accessories spread all over your bedroom, we’re pretty sure you don’t want leaves and other debris on your deck. In many ways, cleaning your outdoor space is like cleaning a bedroom.

Pressure washing effectively removes stubborn dirt, stains, and mildew that could mar the natural beauty of your wooden deck, restoring its original luster and charm. Regular swiping, on the other hand, prevents the accumulation of leaves, twigs, and other debris. This not only preserves the cleanliness and tidiness of your outdoor space but also accentuates the unique grains and colors of your wooden deck. Moreover, a clean, well-maintained deck invites more outdoor enjoyment and can elevate the overall attractiveness of your home exterior.
Regular cleaning significantly extends the lifespan of your deck. Leaves, twigs, and other organic debris that accumulate on your deck can retain moisture and create a thriving environment for molds and fungi. These organisms feed on the wood, causing it to rot over time. Additionally, the moisture absorbed by the debris can seep into the wooden planks, causing them to warp or split. Regular sweeping helps remove these potential sources of moisture, thereby preventing damage and extending the lifespan of your deck. By promptly addressing these minimal issues, you avoid costly and substantial repairs in the future.

Cleaning your deck regularly also plays a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of accidents. Large twigs, fallen from nearby trees or brought by strong winds, can pose a tripping hazard, especially on a deck area that is frequently used. Frequent cleaning also provides you with an opportunity to inspect your deck for potential hazards, such as loose screws and wobbly floorboards. These can make the boards unstable and potentially dangerous, while wobbly floorboards may signal underlying issues like rot or termite infestation.

high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface

How To Properly Clean Your Deck: Step By Step

First of all, here’s a small list of what you’ll need to clean your deck by yourself.

  • Broom or leaf blower
  • Garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • Deck cleaner or a mixture of water and mild detergent
  • Deck brush or scrubbing brush
  • Pressure washer (optional)
  • Safety goggles and gloves (optional)

Step 1: Clear the Deck
Remove all furniture, planters, and any debris, like leaves and branches, from the deck. Sweep the deck thoroughly using a broom or a leaf blower to clear away loose dirt and debris.

Step 2: Pre-wet the Surface
Using a garden hose with a spray nozzle, thoroughly wet the entire deck surface. This helps to loosen dirt and prepare the wood for cleaning.

Step 3: Prepare the Cleaning Solution
Mix a deck cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions or create a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the wood. This is a homemade deck cleaner, much better than chemicals from the store.

Step 4: Apply the Cleaning Solution
Using a pump sprayer or a watering can apply the cleaning solution evenly over the entire deck surface. Allow it to sit for the recommended time specified on the product label, usually around 10-15 minutes.

Step 5: Scrub the Deck
Scrub the deck surface with a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt, mildew, and stains. Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas and any spots that are particularly dirty.

Step 6: Rinse Thoroughly
Use a garden hose to rinse off the cleaning solution and loosen debris. Be sure to rinse from the highest point of the deck downwards to prevent streaks and marks.

Step 7: Consider Pressure Washing (Optional):
If your deck still appears dirty or stained, you can use a pressure washer with a wide fan tip at a low-pressure setting. Keep the nozzle at least 12-18 inches away from the wood and move it along the grain of the wood to prevent damage.

Step 8: Allow to Dry
Let your deck air dry completely before returning any furniture or accessories to the deck. This typically takes a day or more, depending on weather conditions.

Take Your Deck Cleaning A Step Further With...

Step 9: Seal or Stain (Optional)
If needed, consider applying a deck sealer or stain to protect the wood and enhance its appearance. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

Step 10: Regular Maintenance
To keep your deck looking its best, perform regular cleaning as needed, typically once a year. Additionally, inspect your deck for any loose boards or structural issues and address them promptly.

We recommend you do these last two steps with a professional, as sealing and staining a deck requires some extra consideration. Here at Deck Bros, we’ve stained, sealed, and painted hundreds of decks, and we know everything there is to know about this.

A hefty pergola price because of a custom pergola shape made of redwood

Deck Cleaning Cost

The cost of cleaning a deck depends on the services needed, deck condition, and local market rates. For a 1000-square-foot deck, expect the cost to range from $150 to $250 for basic cleaning. This includes removing debris, pre-wetting, applying a cleaning solution, scrubbing, and rinsing.

For more thorough deck cleaning, like pressure washing, the cost could range from $300 to $500. This process is more labor-intensive and requires specialized equipment, resulting in a higher cost.

Additionally, if you choose to have your deck sealed or stained for protection and improved aesthetics, this could add another $2 to $5 per square foot to your total cost.

For a 1000-square-foot deck that needs pressure washing, staining, or sealing, the cost can range from $2,300 to $5,500. Keep in mind that these are estimates, and the actual cost may vary depending on the circumstances and the hired company.

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Get A Composite Deck And Stop Worrying About Deck Maintenance

Composite decking is an excellent low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood. It’s made from a combination of wood fibers and plastics, resulting in a highly durable material that doesn’t warp, crack, or split. This means you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements.
Composite decking has a major advantage: no need for staining or sealing. The color is infused during manufacturing, ensuring a vibrant look that resists fading, even in harsh weather. Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of annual staining or sealing.
Additionally, composite decking is easy to clean. Unlike wood, it doesn’t absorb water, preventing mold or mildew growth. A quick sweep and occasional hose rinse will keep your deck looking great.
Composite decking is insect-resistant, eliminating concerns about termites or wood-boring pests.
Composite has a higher resistance to heat, meaning it’ll burn much slower than traditional pressure-treated lumber or any other wood.
Brands like Trex and TimberTech composite decking offers great warranties of over 25 years, giving you the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.
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Chlorine bleach has the unfortunate effect of breaking down the lignin in wood, which can cause significant damage to the wood cells. The natural pH of wood tends to be slightly acidic, while bleach is a basic solution. Consequently, when bleach is applied to wood, it alters the pH from its near-neutral state to a basic pH, damaging the wood.
Star-Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner is not only highly effective in cleaning various decking surfaces, but it also provides a protective layer that prevents future stains. When it comes to versatility, this deck cleaner stands out as the top choice.
You can easily create an eco-friendly composite deck cleaner using simple ingredients like soap, water, vinegar, and baking soda (for mold). To effectively remove dirt, debris, and grime, use a gentle pressure power washer (with a maximum of 3100 psi) and/or a soft bristle brush. This method ensures a clean and pristine deck while being mindful of the environment.
Composite decking doesn’t require any staining or sealing. The easiest and fastest way to clean a composite deck is to sweep and then pressure-wash it.

Clean Your Deck Thoroughly With A Decking Expert

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