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If you dream of a beautiful outdoor kitchen on your deck, know that this investment will instantly elevate your outdoor entertaining experience and increase your home’s value. From built-in grills to ample counter space and storage solutions, Deck Bros has everything you need to bring your vision to life. We’ve been building, repairing, and upgrading decks for a lifetime now, and outdoor kitchens are some of the best upgrades you can get for your existing deck.

If you’re ready to uplift your outdoor space with a quality kitchen on your deck, this is your best chance to do so!

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6 Things You Need For An Outdoor Kitchen Deck

Designing a complete outdoor kitchen requires carefully integrating different elements to ensure functionality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Here, we present the essential components typically found in an outdoor kitchen installation.

Gas Grill or BBQ Island

The BBQ or grill island serves as the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, providing homeowners with the delightful experience of cooking and grilling amidst nature’s beauty. Grills are available in a variety of sizes, types (gas, charcoal, electric), and styles, catering to diverse culinary preferences. For instance, gas grills can be conveniently connected to the home’s gas line or fueled by a propane tank, offering flexibility and convenience in outdoor cooking.

Outdoor Sink

An outdoor sink holds great value in an outdoor kitchen, offering a convenient water source for cleaning utensils, food preparation, and hygiene. It enables homeowners to effortlessly handle tasks like washing fresh produce or rinsing dirty dishes without needing to step inside the house.

Cooking Appliances

Outdoor kitchens go beyond grills, offering many cooking appliances to elevate culinary possibilities. From side burners and pizza ovens to smokers and rotisseries, these additional features expand the versatility of the outdoor kitchen, empowering homeowners to create a diverse array of delectable dishes.

Storage Space

Ample storage space is essential in an outdoor kitchen to keep cooking utensils, grilling accessories, and other necessary items organized and easily accessible. Storage cabinets, drawers, and shelves can be integrated into the design to provide convenient storage solutions.

Food Prep Area

Having a dedicated food preparation area in your outdoor kitchen is crucial for efficient meal preparation. This designated space can be a well-equipped countertop or a dedicated food prep station where you can effortlessly chop ingredients, assemble dishes, and carry out other food-related tasks. By incorporating this feature, you can ensure that your culinary endeavors are both seamless and enjoyable.

Outdoor Fridge

Adding a refrigerator is a great outdoor kitchen idea, as you get to enjoy the convenience of having perishable food, beverages, and condiments easily accessible near your cooking and dining area. These outdoor refrigerators are specifically designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures and various weather conditions, ensuring their durability and reliability.

At Deck Bros, we install everything, from the patio to the last lighting fixture in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you want a budget solution or a high-end upgrade that’ll impress each and every one of your guests, we’re ready to make it happen!

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Cost Of Outdoor Kitchens On Decks In Omaha, NE

The cost of building an outdoor kitchen on a new deck can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of the kitchen, the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the labor and material costs. Besides, if you don’t have a deck already, you’ll also want to add one, which is a separate project.

Basic Outdoor Kitchen:

A basic outdoor kitchen with a simple design, a grill, and a small countertop may start around $5,000 to $10,000. This cost would include the deck’s construction and the outdoor kitchen’s installation.

Mid-Range Outdoor Kitchen:

A mid-range outdoor kitchen with additional features such as a built-in grill, sink, storage, and a more elaborate countertop can cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

High-End Outdoor Kitchen:

For a high-end outdoor kitchen with premium appliances, custom cabinetry, high-quality countertops, and additional amenities, the cost can exceed $20,000 and go well into the $30,000 to $50,000 range or more.

Add the deck building cost to these, which can range from $40 to $60 per square foot. Also, think about materials, upgrades, and the size of your deck. If you want to learn more about building a deck, send us a message or call us directly at (402) 369-5724.

Outdoor Kitchens On Decks FAQs

The space needed for your outdoor kitchen island is determined by your unique requirements and the island’s size. It is generally advised to allocate a minimum of 10-12 square feet for the island itself, guaranteeing ample space for appliances, a countertop area, and easy maneuverability around the cooking zone.
Transform your outdoor kitchen island into a haven for culinary delights. With its ability to accommodate a range of appliances, including built-in grills (gas, charcoal, or pellet), side burners, refrigerators, and sinks, you have the freedom to curate a functional and versatile outdoor cooking space tailored to your unique cooking style and preferences. Elevate your outdoor experience and unlock a world of gastronomic possibilities right in your backyard.
While a concrete block foundation provides stability and durability, alternative options like metal studs or modular frames are worth considering. The choice of foundation depends on factors such as the weight of the island, local building codes, and your specific requirements. You can choose a foundation that suits your functional and aesthetic needs by carefully evaluating these aspects.
To elevate the visual appeal of your outdoor kitchen island, contemplate incorporating stone veneer or brick veneer onto the exterior surfaces. These materials offer a natural and aesthetically pleasing finish, lending your island a refined look that beautifully complements your outdoor area.
An insulated jacket serves as a protective barrier for appliances within your outdoor kitchen island, preventing the transfer of heat to combustible materials. This ensures safety and minimizes the risk of fire. Our team can assist you in determining whether an insulated jacket is necessary for your specific appliance and installation.
To optimize your counter space like in an indoor kitchen, you may want to consider incorporating extensions, drop-down surfaces, or additional countertop sections into your island. These innovative features provide extra room for food preparation and serving and offer the flexibility to accommodate appliances such as grills or side burners. By utilizing these enhancements, you can maximize both functionality and style in your kitchen area.

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