Firepit / Fireplace Installation in Omaha, NE

Elevate your personal oasis with firepit/fireplace installation in Omaha, NE.

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Adding a firepit or fireplace to your space is a game-changer, elevating both its charm and utility.

This process requires detailed planning and skilled handiwork, playing a major role in home improvement by combining practicality with a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Our team at Deck Bros understands the significance of expert firepit and fireplace installation.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, ensuring each project perfectly complements your outdoor space while providing warmth and charm for your gatherings.
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Opt for Deck Bros for Your Firepit / Fireplace Installation in Omaha, NE

Our team’s extensive 30+ years of experience attests to our mastery of the craft. We pride ourselves on efficiency, often completing projects in as little as 3 days

When it comes to installing fireplaces and firepits, our expertise truly shines through!

By choosing Deck Bros, you’ll enjoy:

Benefits of Professional Firepit / Fireplace Installation in Omaha, NE

A professionally installed firepit or fireplace enhances your space, providing a focal point for gatherings and relaxation.

Tailor your space with a firepit or fireplace design that reflects your style and complements your home
Adding a firepit or fireplace boosts your home’s market value and appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
A firepit or fireplace extends your outdoor living season, allowing you to enjoy your backyard or patio in cooler weather.
Professionally installed firepits and fireplaces are designed for ease of maintenance, ensuring longevity and continued enjoyment.
Firepits and fireplaces add a visually striking element to your outdoor space, enhancing its look and feel.

Deck Bros excels in firepit and fireplace installations as part of our broader expertise in home construction. Discover how we can elevate your backyard, patio, and more, bringing warmth and style to indoor and outdoor areas alike. Contact us today! (402) 369-5724

Factors Influencing Firepit / Fireplace Installation Costs in Omaha, NE

Type of Installation

Costs vary based on the type of firepit or fireplace, whether it’s a pre-made unit or a custom-built design.

Material Choices

The materials selected for your firepit or fireplace, such as stone, brick, or metal, impact the overall cost.

Installation Complexity

The complexity of the installation, including the location, size, and any custom features, affects the price.

Labor and Preparation Work

The amount of labor and preparation required, such as site preparation.

Ready to enhance your living space with a charming fireplace or firepit? Contact Deck Bros at (402) 369-5724 for top-quality installation services in Omaha, NE.

Average Costs for Fireplace Installation in Omaha, NE

The cost of installing a fireplace varies based on its type, design and complexity.
Fireplace Type Average Cost
Electric Fireplace $1,000 - $2,200
Wood-Burning Fireplace $1,900 - $3,300
Gas Fireplace $2,300 - $10,000
Masonry Fireplace $3,500 - $5,600

Both indoor and outdoor fireplace models share the same construction process.

However, outdoor models offer greater flexibility in complying with fireplace codes. 

Please note that additional costs may apply for constructing a surround structure for the firebox, such as a hearth.

Additional Costs

Item Average Cost
Fireplace Blower $40 - $250
Chimney Liner Costs $30 - $120 per foot
Chimney Liner Kit $90 - $700
Fireplace Flex Pipe $1,271 per 25’ Pipe
Fireplace Damper Installation $107 - $451
Fireplace Glass Door $124 - $3,217
Old Firebox or Furnace Removal $50 - $155
Gas Pipe Installation $30 - $43 /LF
Gas Log Lighter $56 - $75
Gas Valve for Log Lighter $67 - $88

Pros & Cons By Fireplace Type

Type Pros Cons
Gas Low maintenance, no cleaning required, burns the most efficiently. Requires gas line installation and ongoing utility costs.
Electric Lowest upfront cost and the lowest price to run per hour. Easy to maintain. Requires wiring installation and ongoing electricity costs.
Wood-burning Uses wood logs which lowers energy bills. Soot buildup occurs and requires frequent cleaning.

Average Costs for a Firepit Installation in Omaha, NE

The cost of installing a firepit varies based on its type, design and complexity.
Fire pit diameter Average Cost
36 inches $200 - $900
40 inches $165 - $1,300
44 inches $165 - $1,600
48 inches $250 - $2,000
Average Costs for a Firepit Installation By Type
Type of fire pit Average Cost
Above-ground fire pit $200 – $1,500
In-ground fire pit $1,000 – $3,000
Average Costs for a Firepit Installation By Materials
Materials Average Cost
Concrete blocks $150 – $800
Stainless steel $250 – $1,200
Brick pavers $300 – $2,200
Field stones $350 – $3,000

Pros & Cons of Firepit Installation

Aspect In-Ground Fire Pits Above-Ground Fire Pits
Safety Less dangerous than above-ground pits because they’re surrounded by a retaining wall. Riskier than in-ground fire pits because the flames can easily escape if not monitored carefully.
Customization Can be customized to match the existing décor in your backyard. Can be customized to match the existing décor in your backyard.
Cost More expensive than above-ground fire pits. Less expensive.
Installation Difficulty Difficult to install. Easier to install.

Contact us today for a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences! Let Deck Bros create a warm and inviting outdoor space for you. (402) 369-5724.

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

At Deck Bros, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional firepit and fireplace installation services as part of our comprehensive outdoor living space solutions. Here’s what our clients have to say:


Mike Stonebraker


I honestly can’t say enough great things about Deck Bros. I took a chance on the new company, and I’m so glad we did. My deck is GORGEOUS, sturdy, and turned out exactly as I requested.


Travis Thomas


They did an excellent job. Crew was professional. I live 2 hours from Omaha and they took the job without that being an issue. Our deck turned out beautiful. We have the best looking deck in town. I am so glad that we chose Deck Brothers!

FAQs about Firepit / Fireplace Installation in Omaha, NE

Consider the size of your outdoor space, your style preferences, and how you plan to use the fire feature. Our professionals can help guide you in making the best choice.
Regular cleaning and inspections are crucial. Deck Bros can provide specific maintenance advice for your firepit or fireplace.
If you maintain your fire pit and clean it up after use, it should last a lifetime.

Ready to enjoy a beautiful fire feature in your outdoor or indoor space? Contact our experienced professionals today for a firepit or fireplace solution that exceeds your expectations. (402) 369-5724.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space with Deck Bros

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Choosing Deck Bros for your firepit or fireplace installation means you’re investing in an exceptional outdoor living experience. 

Our services ensure a beautifully finished space that’s perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

Discover our range of outdoor living space services, including firepit and fireplace installation, on our deck installation service page, or contact us at (402) 369-5724.

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