Deck Underpinning In Omaha, NE

Have a beautiful and functional outdoor space with deck underpinning in Omaha, NE.

Deck Underpinning In Omaha, NE

When we build decks for our clients, they often wonder how to hide the space under the deck. This service, known as underpinning or skirting, serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. With 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, Deck Bros is your top pick for all things deck-related, including underpinning services.

Choosing our skilled team guarantees you won’t face the disappointment of a poorly executed project. Instead, you benefit from a solid, perfectly fitted underpinning that enhances both the functionality and appeal of your deck, making your outdoor space more enjoyable and inviting.

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Get Your Deck Underpinning Done By Experts

Our unparalleled service levels and benefits have revolutionized the deck underpinning industry. We’ve set new quality standards, ensuring every project exceeds expectations. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Why Professional Deck Underpinning Is a Great Investment

Investing in professional deck underpinning not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also ensures long-lasting protection and utility. Imagine effortlessly utilizing the under-deck space for storage during a sudden rainstorm, keeping your outdoor essentials dry and safe. 

Here’s why our service is a smart financial decision:

By securing the area beneath your deck, you gain additional space for storage or entertainment.
Protects the space under your deck from water, debris, and critters, reducing maintenance costs.
A well-maintained deck with high-quality underpinning can significantly increase your home’s market value.

Upgrades Homeowners Make When Getting Deck Underpinning

Most homeowners, while opting for deck underpinning, seize the opportunity to make additional enhancements to their outdoor living spaces. 

Here are the top upgrades they often choose:

Your Deck Underpinning Project Could Look as Good as These

Your deck’s transformation could be just as impressive as these photographs of our past projects. Use them as inspiration for your own outdoor space makeover. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:


new decks built


decks reimagined
years of carpentry experience


build time available

Team staff and owner celebrating the successful completion of a deck project.
We’re here to help with your decking project! Contact us at (402) 369-5724 or send a message. We’ll respond within one business day, schedule you as quickly as possible, and build you your new deck in as quickly as 3 days!

Deck Underpinning Costs In Omaha, NE

Understanding that no two deck underpinning projects are the same, we tailor our quotes to your specific needs. Getting in touch allows us to provide you with an accurate cost. On average, prices might hover around $2,500, but remember, this is only an estimate. 

Reach out, and we’ll craft a precise quote together.

What Your Neighbors In Omaha Say About Us

Our customers’ glowing reviews mean everything to us. We’re truly thankful for their kind words and trust. Check out the beautiful things people have to say about us:


Thomas Rahn


I consider Deck Bros one of the best companies I have ever worked with. 

I had my old deck taken down and a new deck designed and erected all in a period of six days. Luan the designer allowed changes throughout the 6 days. 

The crew was tremendous in their work assuring the work met all safety requirements as well as starting each morning and keeping grounds cleaned up each evening as well as keeping us informed of how the job was progressing. 

If I’ll ever need another deck I would never consider another company but Deck Bros. They are the best.


Robyn Grammer


I found Deck Bros on Facebook & gave them a call. The owner Luan was very pleasant, came out and gave me a quote on the spot.

I HIGHLY recommended this company for your decking needs, Luan’s employees were so much fun to be around. They didn’t have any issues with the dogs being around checking on their work.

They were all very professional & worked hard, arriving early & getting to work. We even did some salsa dancing to the music. They went above and beyond, and no request was an issue.

Thank You, Luan, and the main guys that were there every day, Christian, Carlos & Leo.

Benefits of Working With Us Here at Deck Bros

Choosing Deck Bros means partnering with seasoned professionals dedicated to mastering their craft. Our team members are not only skilled but also polite and respectful, ensuring a positive experience throughout your project. 

Here’s why working with us is beneficial:

Our designs are not just functional; they’re beautiful. We create outdoor spaces that enhance your home’s appeal, making it stand out in your neighborhood.
By opting for our high-quality underpinning services, you avoid the need for constant repairs down the line. This is because we do the job right the first time, saving you money in the long run.
With decades of experience, our expertise in deck underpinning is unparalleled. This depth of knowledge ensures that your project is handled efficiently, resulting in superior outcomes every time.

3-Step Process For Succesful Collaborations

At Deck Bros, we make deck underpinning simple and stress-free. Our process ensures you’re involved, informed, and ultimately, satisfied with the outcome. Here’s how we do it:
The owner of Deck Bros, Luan, with a happy customer



We listen to your ideas and preferences to create a plan tailored just for you.
A deck building in progress



Our experts work efficiently to transform your deck with minimal disruption.
A pool deck with long chairs and a table



Sit back and enjoy your newly enhanced outdoor space with family and friends.

Deck Underpinning In Omaha, NE - FAQs

Deck underpinning, often referred to as deck skirting, is a method we employ to cover the open space beneath your deck. This can be done using various materials, including wood, composite materials, PVC, or even decorative panels. 

The idea is to enhance the overall look of your deck while also providing protection from unwanted animals and reducing water damage to the deck’s structure.

Beyond just improving the aesthetic appeal of your backyard deck, underpinning adds practical value by creating a new space for deck storage. It keeps the area under your deck dry and secure, perfect for storing garden tools or seasonal items. 

Additionally, the right deck skirting ideas can complement your home’s exterior, making your outdoor space look more polished and cohesive.

Absolutely! While there are various material options available, including composite deck skirting and PVC deck skirting, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a good look.

Lattice panels, for example, offer a modern look with little maintenance and can be quite affordable. Horizontal boards or even faux stone panels can give your deck a high-end finish without the high price tag.

Your choice of material not only impacts the overall cost but also the amount of maintenance required. Natural wood can offer a beautiful look but may require more maintenance to prevent moisture damage. 

Composite materials and PVC offer a sturdy alternative with less upkeep. We can discuss various material options, such as composite deck boards and brick skirting, to match your lifestyle and the aesthetic of your house.

Yes, it’s crucial to maintain proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup underneath your elevated deck. Our designs, whether it’s solid skirting or a patterned lattice work, always consider the need for airflow. 

We ensure that the skirting does not compromise the health of your deck’s structure or the space below.

Our clients have wide-ranging tastes, leading to numerous popular styles. These include the classic look of lattice panels, the contemporary appeal of horizontal composite deck skirting, and the durability and visual interest of PVC or faux stone. 

Black vinyl lattice or wood skirting with a diamond pattern can add unique character to your outdoor space.

The duration can vary depending on the size of your deck and the complexity of the skirting design. However, our seasoned team works efficiently to ensure your project is completed rapidly, with minimal disruption to your daily life. 

From planning to the finishing touches, we’re committed to transforming your backyard deck in a timely manner.

Adding deck railings can elevate the design and safety of your elevated deck. When we plan your deck underpinning project, we consider how deck railings and skirting will complement each other. 

Whether it’s matching the materials or integrating the design elements, we ensure that both components enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor living space, creating a seamless look that ties together the backyard.

Elevated wooden deck with modern underpinning, lush garden, and stairs in a residential area.

Enjoy a Practical & Beautiful Deck

Investing in deck underpinning is the smart move you’ll wish you made sooner. It not only adds beauty but also increases your home’s value.Choosing our service is a decision you won’t regret. 

Our expertise ensures a seamless experience and stunning results. Don’t wait, call (402) 369-5724 today and make the best investment for your home with Deck Bros.

The owner of Deck Bros, Luan

Luan Nguyen

(takes 1-2 min)

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