Deck Board Replacement in Omaha, NE

Transform your outdoor sanctuary with expert deck board replacement, revitalizing your Omaha, NE living space!

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Replacing deck boards is a key update that revitalizes both the appearance and functionality of your deck. This process requires precise execution and skilled workmanship, playing a major role in home improvement by blending practicality with aesthetic enhancement.

Our team at Deck Bros is well-versed in the intricacies of deck board replacement. We are committed to providing first-class results, ensuring each project rejuvenates your deck while maintaining its structural integrity and beauty.

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Enjoy A Partnership That Puts You First

With over 30 years of experience, Deck Bros brings exceptional expertise to every deck board replacement project. Our efficiency is highlighted by our ability to complete projects swiftly, often within just a few days, demonstrating our dedication to quality and timely service.

By choosing Deck Bros, you’ll benefit from:

Benefits of Professional Deck Board Replacement in Omaha, NE

Professionally replaced deck boards rejuvenate your deck’s look, giving it a fresh and appealing aesthetic.
Our deck board replacement service allows you to select materials and designs that reflect your personal taste and match your home’s exterior.
A well-maintained deck with new boards can significantly raise your home’s market value and appeal to potential buyers.
Replacing worn or damaged boards extends the life of your deck, protecting it from further deterioration and reducing the need for extensive repairs
Replacing old, damaged boards enhances the safety of your deck, preventing accidents and ensuring a secure outdoor space.
New deck boards are easier to maintain, helping your deck stay in great condition for a longer period.

Deck board replacement is a forte of Deck Bros, forming a crucial part of our wider expertise in home construction. Learn how we can transform your deck, patio, and more, infusing your outdoor areas with style. Contact us today at (402) 369-5724 for your free quote.

Factors Influencing Deck Board Replacement Costs in Omaha, NE

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Type of Decking Material

The choice of material, such as wood($20 – $50 per sq. ft), composite($30 – $50), PVC($24 – $50) or metal ($20 – $35) affects the overall cost of replacement.

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Deck Condition

The current state of your deck, including the extent of damage and repairs needed, influences the price.

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Deck Size and Complexity

The size of your deck and any complexities, like intricate designs or hard-to-reach areas, impact the cost.

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Labor and Preparation Work

The amount of labor and preparatory work required, including the removal of old boards and surface preparation, plays a role in pricing.

Ready to revitalize your deck? Contact us at (402) 369-5724 for top-quality deck board replacement services in Omaha, NE.

Average Deck Board Replacement Costs

The cost of waterproofing your deck varies based on its size and specific needs.
Deck Size Average Cost
10-by-10 $4,500
12-by-12 $6,500
12-by-14 $7,600
14-by-14 $8,800
14-by-16 $10,100
14-by-20 $12,600
16-by-16 $11,500
16-by-18 $13,000
20-by-20 $18,000

Please keep in mind each deck is unique and costs may vary based on your individual deck’s characteristics. To get your own distinctive pricing quote, contact us at (402) 369-5724.

Rave Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

At Deck Bros, we take pride in delivering exceptional deck board replacement services as part of our comprehensive outdoor living space solutions. Here’s what our clients have to say:


Mike Stonebraker


I honestly can’t say enough great things about Deck Bros. I took a chance on the new company, and I’m so glad we did. My deck is GORGEOUS, sturdy, and turned out exactly as I requested.


Travis Thomas


They did an excellent job. Crew was professional. I live 2 hours from Omaha and they took the job without that being an issue. Our deck turned out beautiful. We have the best looking deck in town. I am so glad that we chose Deck Brothers!

Explore Our Portfolio

See Deck Brosexpertise and attention to detail in our gallery. From deck board replacement to complete backyard transformations, our portfolio showcases our exceptional work:

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FAQs about Deck Board Replacement in Omaha, NE

Consider the material, durability, and maintenance requirements. Our professionals can help you select the best option for your deck.
Regular cleaning and inspections are essential. Deck Bros can provide specific maintenance advice for your new deck boards.

Revamp Your Outdoor Living Space with Deck Bros

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Opting for Deck Bros for your deck board replacement means investing in an exceptional outdoor living experience. Our services ensure a beautifully rejuvenated space that’s perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Contact us at (402) 369-5724 and experience timely, on-budget deck repair services.

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