Deck Repair in Louisville, NE

Restore your deck to its former glory with deck repair in Louisville, NE.

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If you know your deck has seen better days and you want to fix that, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Here at Deck Bros, we’ve been building and repairing decks for hundreds of families for over 30 years.

You want a deck you can be proud of when you have your family over or when you gather your friends for a barbecue, and we can help you achieve just that. 

From small cracks in the boards to mold and paint problems, we’re your best bet in restoring the beauty of your deck.

A deck near a pool with long chairs

You Can Never Have Too Many Benefits

When we come to fix your deck, you also benefit from:

Let Us Do The Dirty Work

Focus on yourself and we’ll deal with the deck. We’ll have finished your deck before you know it, leaving everything spotless behind.
Get in touch with us at  (402) 369-5724 for any deck-related questions or to get a personalized quote that helps you plan for a solid deck repair.

What The Community in Louisville Says About Us

We are extremely grateful for each client that chooses to work with us and that shows in the work we do. 

The same goes when our clients see our work and decide to leave the most wonderful of reviews, for which we are proud. 

Here is what they have to say:


Kev Stroeher


Deck Bros showed up at 8:00 am and worked until dark everyday. 

They had old deck torn down in one day. We are very happy with the finished product. 

We went with Deck Bros because of Luan’s charming personality but they can also build a sweet deck!!!!

Thanks Luan and the team!


Evie Clercx


Luan and his team removed an old wood deck and installed a new composite deck with a hot tub enclosure. 

I absolutely love it. 

He was on-time, in budget, and his crew worked fast and was so respectful of my yard, cleaning everything up after they finished.

The Costs Of a Deck Repair in Louisville.

Fixing up a deck can cost different amounts based on how damaged the deck is. 

If you’re just fixing worn-out stairs, it might be around $5,000. But if you’re replacing the whole wood deck, like a basic 12×12 one, it could be about $14,000. 

If you decide to add more things while fixing your deck, the cost will go up.

Extent of Damage Estimated Cost
Repairing Stairs $14,000
Replacing Entire Deck (12x12) $14,000

Factors That Can Drive up The Cost Of a Deck Repair in Louisville

Plenty of factors can drive up the cost and it is wise to take all of these into consideration. For an accurate quote on the price of your deck repair, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at (402) 369-5724.
Factor Influence on Repair Cost
Deck Size Larger sizes may increase costs
Scope of Damage Extensive damage may require more extensive repairs
Material Quality High-quality materials may cost more
Accessibility Challenging access can increase costs
Permit Costs Permits may add to overall expenses
Design Complexity Intricate designs may increase repair costs
Foundation Issues Addressing foundation problems can be costly
Age of the Deck Older decks may require more thorough repairs
Additional Upgrades Adding new features can drive up costs

Forget About Time & Budget Concerns

We know how important both of these factors are when deciding to kickstart a deck repair project.

Time is money and we understand that. Once we set a deadline, we stick to it.

 We’ll work early mornings, rain or shine to ensure that you get to enjoy your deck as soon as possible. 

In this day and age, speed is crucial, and we act accordingly.

We can work within any budget, so leave that concern aside. 

We offer financing options so you can fix your deck now and worry about paying later. 

No budget is too small and no project is too difficult.

Simple and Efficient 3-Step System

We’ve streamlined our collaboration process for easy understanding and flawless execution every time.
The owner of Deck Bros, Luan, with a happy customer



We’ll visit your location, evaluate the project, grasp your vision, and put it on paper to create a solid game plan.
A deck building in progress



With the plan in place, we begin building your dream deck.
A pool deck with long chairs and a table



Invite your friends and family to enjoy and admire your brand-new deck!

FAQs About Deck Repair in Louisville, NE

If your deck looks a bit old but is still strong, some small fixes can make it look good again. But if it might not be safe, it’s better to rebuild the whole thing.

If you’re not sure whether your deck needs just a few repairs or a big one, talk to a professional. We, at Deck Bros, can check your deck, tell you how much fixing it might cost, and let you know if it’s safe to use. 

We can also give you advice on how to keep your deck in good shape for a long time.

At Deck Bros, we tackle deck repairs with the same quick and efficient approach as we do with building decks

The duration depends on how much damage there is, the height of your deck, and any unexpected problems we might find. If you’re looking to add extra features, it might take a bit longer. 

Once we check out your deck, we can give you a precise estimate of the time it’ll take.

Meet Luan, the owner, and his team of skilled, licensed carpenters at Deck Bros, ready to handle any repair work your deck requires.

With over 30 years of carpentry experience, a genuine passion for the craft, and a flexible schedule tailored to your needs, we bring a wealth of expertise to your project.

Understanding every aspect of custom carpentry, we ensure a fast and efficient completion of your project.

Certainly. Deck Bros is a completely licensed, bonded, and insured contractor.

Now Is The Best Time To Fix Your Deck

The best time to fix your deck was when you first saw signs of wear & tear. The second best time is now, so call us today, and let’s tackle this and fix your deck now! Call us for a free quotation at (402) 369-5724.

Louisville, Nebraska, is a charming town situated by the Platte River, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere blending rural beauty with a strong community spirit. The town is renowned for its historic Main Street, featuring well-preserved buildings that narrate its rich heritage. Louisville State Recreation Area offers an escape for outdoor enthusiasts, providing opportunities for fishing and hiking. The Louisville Art Gallery showcases local creativity, adding a cultural touch to the town.