What Is Decking Skirting And Why Do You Need It?

If you started looking into your quote or simply online to look for more info about decks, you probably stumbled into a lot of new terms that you want to learn before talking to a professional deck builder.

One of these terms is deck skirting, or decking skirting.

In this article, you’ll discover what is decking skirting and why does your deck need it to remain fully functional and beautiful throughout the years.

Let’s begin!

White modern deck with white paint and white lattice deck skirting

Decking Skirting - A Definition

Decking skirting is a type of trim that is used to cover the gap between the deck and the floor. It hides the not-so-pretty deck structure underneath and it also serves as a great storage space.

Different deck skirting materials are available on the market, from wood to composite and plastic, and when it comes to style, you’ve got plenty of options.

Decking Skirting Styles

Some of the most popular deck skirting ideas and options for our customers are:
Simple vertical decking skirting

Classic Vertical Skirting

This is the most traditional type of decking skirting, and it consists of a simple board that is attached to the decking and the wall. Wood deck skirting ideas like this are common in older decks, but it’s becoming less and less popular.

Simple horizontal decking skirting

Classic Horizontal Skirting

This style is similar to classic trim, but it has a more decorative look. It features multiple boards that are attached to each other, and it gives your deck a polished appearance. It’s one of the most inexpensive deck skirting ideas, and it also helps improve the vibe of your deck.

Lattice decking skirting on a large deck

Lattice Skirting

Lattice is a type of skirting that consists of a grid of criss-crossed boards. It is a popular choice for decks because it provides both decoration and function and it also allows air to circulate underneath the deck.

Why Do You Need Decking Skirting?

Decking skirting can help to keep animals and pests from getting under your deck. If you have ever had a problem with mice or other pests setting camp under your deck, installing decking skirting can help to solve the issue.

Decking skirting can also make your deck look nicer by hiding the structure underneath. Most deck structures are made of cedar or pressure-treated wood, which can look out of place with a composite deck, for example, especially if you’re not choosing to wrap the posts.

Finally, if your deck is high enough off the ground, you can use that space and store your outdoor furniture, camping gear, or anything else you need to put away. Your deck’s skirting can also have pretty doors added to it for easy access to all your items.

Installing Deck Skirting

wooden deck porch

If you’re interested in installing decking skirting, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

First, you need to make sure that you choose the right material. Decking skirting is made from wood, plastic, or composite, and they will bring a different vibe to your outdoor space. However, composite deck skirting will have a different way of installing it, and you should read the instructions before doing a DIY installation.

You also need to make sure that you measure the space correctly before you buy the skirting. If you don’t measure properly, you might end up with skirting that is too big or too small for your deck.

Finally, you need to decide how you want to attach the skirting to the deck. Some skirting is attached with screws, while others are held in place with brackets.

Where Can You Buy Decking Skirting

There are a few different places where you can buy decking skirting. Some of the most popular options include:

1. Home improvement stores – Home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot are a great place to buy decking skirting. They usually carry a variety of different styles and colors, and they will even be able to help you choose the right skirting for your space.

2. Online retailers – Online retailers also carry a wide variety of decking skirting styles. You can browse through their offerings and find the perfect skirting to match your deck. Unfortunately, very few websites offer online assistance to help you choose the perfect option.

3. Specialty stores – If you’re looking for something unique, specialty stores might be the best option for you. They often carry exclusive styles and colors that you won’t find anywhere else. These specialty stores often sell all sorts of deck skirt. Concrete deck skirting, metal deck skirting, or other modern deck skirting ideas for any floating deck.


Tools stored under deck with deck skirting

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