How Often Do You Seal A Deck To Keep It Protected?

People Near You Seal Their Deck This Often To Keep It Looking Amazing And Protected

Sealing a deck is an important part of deck maintenance. It keeps it safe from damage that can make it look bad and become unsafe.

In this post, you can find out how often to seal a deck. You can also find out how to tell if it needs sealing and what can happen if it’s not sealed.

Sealing a deck

How Often Do You Seal A Deck?

Most people seal their deck once a year. At most, they’ll seal their deck every 3 years. It mainly depends on factors like deck material, climate, and sun exposure. Not sealing your deck can lead to damages that can make it unsafe.

How Do You Tell If A Deck Needs Sealing?

A quick way to tell if a deck needs sealing is with a few drops of water. Sprinkle some water on your deck and see what happens. 

If the water beads up and stays on top then the sealant on your deck is fine. This means the sealant is still intact and working to keep moisture out of the wood.

If the water soaks into the wood then you’ll want to reseal it soon. This means moisture can get through the sealant and start damaging your deck.

What Happens To Unsealed Decks?

Decks that aren’t sealed will start piling up damages. You may see:

  • Rotting
  • Splitting
  • Warping

Not only do these damages hurt the look of your deck, but they also make it unsafe to be on. Then you won’t be able to use your deck until you fix the damage.

*Composite decks, like wood decks, also need sealing. They are still partially made from wood, which moisture can still damage.

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