The Pros And Cons Of Rooftop Deck

It’s true that not everyone can afford a roof deck. They’re luxurious additions that you most often see in movies or reality shows. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get one.

In fact, a rooftop deck is not as expensive as one might think. The problem with them is that they require a lot more work and a lot more safety measures to consider.

In this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of roof decks, and what you need to take into account if you endeavor in this project.

Two blue chairs on a rooftop deck


We love hearing good news first, so let’s start with the pros.

Added Property Value

If a backyard deck increases your property’s value, imagine what a rooftop deck will do to your home’s aesthetic and market value as well.

A rooftop deck can add between 5-8% resale value. If it has a view, expect even a higher return.

A Better Outdoor Space

Decks are generally great outdoor spaces, but there are a few things that can quickly ruin an otherwise great experience. Heat, insects, and your environment.

Extended Living Space

You might think even a ground-level deck extends your living space, and you would be completely right. But to get that extra space, you’re building on a piece of land that could otherwise be a small garden or a playground.

With a rooftop deck, you’re not using any land from your property because you’re building upwards, on top of your home.

This way, you can save space for another upgrade, like a garage, a sunroom, or even an extra room!

Make An Impression

A backyard deck is great, but let’s be honest, a rooftop deck is nothing short of impressive.

You can throw a great barbecue party on a ground-level deck. But make the same gathering on a rooftop deck, and it’ll be remembered forever.

And it’s easy to see why.

Rooftop decks are unique and we’ve mostly seen them on movies or reality shows. That’s why they’re considered luxurious and elegant. They create a great atmosphere, build lasting memories, and you get to make a great impression on your guests.

Jacuzzi on rooftop decks


Pros are great, but let’s also see the cons of a rooftop deck.

Zoning Restrictions

Every home addition has zoning restrictions and codes that you need to follow to ensure the structure is safe and legitimate. And a rooftop deck is not an exception.

On the contrary, rooftop decks have a lot of requirements and zoning restrictions, making this project DIY-impossible.

But who would want to risk their safety building a DIY deck anyway? These outdoor space structures are where you gather your loved ones, so they need to be 100% safe. Our experts from Deck Bros will never recommend building a deck on your own (let alone a rooftop deck).

Another downside with this upgrade is that your rooftop deck space will be limited by the limits of the main structure.

Building laws in Omaha require elevated decks to have a handrail system installed. Naturally, you’ll want your roof deck to have strong railing as well. For some extra safety without ruining the view, consider glass panels.

Building Procedure

As you can imagine, a rooftop deck construction is more complicated than a ground level structure.

First, you need to prepare the roof. And if you have a Gable roof (like most American houses), this will surely be an issue. In this case, creating an entirely new structure would be the best way to move forward, as replacing even just a part of the roof to fit a deck will be expensive.

Another issue would be the rooftop deck design. Ideally you’d want to make the most out of every inch to ensure you have enough space to move around.

Modern homes with flat roofs or apartment buildings are easier to build decks on simply because of their shape. Even in this case, you’ll most likely need a crane to get all the materials on the rooftop, which can be quite pricey.

Safety Concerns

Decks are made of various materials that are undoubtedly heavy when put together. Composite decking is especially heavy. Add to that some furniture, tables, chairs, decorative elements, and, of course, a few people, and you’ve got yourself a super heavy structure.

This might be perfectly fine if you’re building a deck on the ground, but on rooftops, things are a bit different.

Roofs are not exactly made to sustain such heavy weights. Even a few grown up individuals on your rooftop can give you sweaty palms, so an entire deck is surely a reason for concern.

If you’re building a rooftop deck on a concrete building, you should be good. However, such a heavy structure on a house with wood framing is not going to work out.

Logistical Concerns

If you have a flat roof strong enough to sustain the weight of a deck, there are other obstacles that you need to consider.

Chimneys, ACs, and other building features will be an obstacle when building your rooftop deck. Working around them sometimes works, but it’s not always recommended (or legal).

In this case, you’ll need to remove them and reinstall them according to your architect’s suggestions. Sometimes you might even need to reinstall them in a completely different place, which requires additional work.

And if you were used to having a fire pit on your deck, you should think about it twice for a rooftop deck.

Wood decking on rooftop with metal railings

5 Aspects To Consider For A Roof Deck

Before you decide, here are five aspects to consider for your elevated outdoor living space.

So, Should You Get A Rooftop Deck?

Whoever says they’re not a fan of rooftop decks, they’re either lying or never been on one.

The feeling you get up there is unique and liberating. It really uplifts your mood and offers a one-of-a-kind experience to you and your loved ones.

The cons are mostly the aspects you’ll have to deal with when building it, but you’ll enjoy the pros for the rest of your life.

It’s safe to say that if you have the means, you’ll never regret a rooftop deck.

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