7 Types Of Awnings For Decks In Omaha

Awnings are great upgrades for an outdoor living space, no matter where you live.

Here in Omaha, people get awnings to get some shade on their decks during the hot summer months and some shelter in the rainy season.

But there are a bunch of awnings, and you’ll want to know exactly which is right for your needs.

Below, you’ll discover what the best awning for your outdoor space is.

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7 Different Types of Awnings for Decks

From remote-controlled awnings to all-season awnings, we’ve seen and installed all kinds. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings offer a flexible solution for sun protection and outdoor shade in Omaha. Homeowners appreciate their ability to extend cover over decks with just the push of a button or turn of a handle.

These motorized structures are perfect for those who want customized control over their outdoor living spaces, as you can easily adjust them throughout the day.

Durable and convenient, retractable awnings promise both comfort and style for residential shading needs. They’re a smart investment that expands usable space outside while offering the flexibility to bask in the sunshine or relax in cool, shaded comfort as desired.

Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are a solid choice for homeowners who want to create permanent shade and protection over their decks. Unlike retractable options, these sturdy structures don’t fold away but rather face the elements all year round.

Fixed awnings are built with robust materials that withstand strong winds, heavy rain, and the relentless rays of the sun. Even so, fixed awnings can get damaged over time, and you’ll want to replace them.

Both residential and commercial awnings promise durability, a variety of fabric choices, multiple designs, and different sizes.

Metal window awnings

Crafted from materials like aluminum or steel, these awnings are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, protecting your decks and outdoor spaces from both the blistering summer sun and rainy days.

Homeowners love metal window awnings for their low maintenance needs and longevity. They provide a sturdy canopy installation that shields your windows, reducing glare and helping with energy efficiency inside your home.

Metal window awnings come in various designs that can elevate the exterior appeal of any residence. Whether you opt for sleek modern lines or intricate scrollwork patterns that add an artistic touch, there’s a metal awning design to match your home’s architecture seamlessly.

Dome awnings

With their classic shape, dome awnings provide efficient sun protection and stand out as a stylish feature for windows and entryways.

The curved structure promotes runoff of rainwater while casting a generous area of shade beneath, making them an excellent choice for outdoor seating areas.

Dome awnings come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to customize them to match your property’s aesthetic. Whether you opt for bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated designs, these awnings maintain their shape year-round, resisting winds and weathering with grace.

The only problem is that dome awnings are not exactly made for decks but more for windows.

Slope awnings

Slope awnings offer a straight-angled approach that complements modern architectural styles. These awnings are designed with a distinct incline, which is not only stylish but practical for shedding water and debris efficiently.

Perfect for residential shading and commercial awnings, their simplicity allows them to blend seamlessly over windows and decks.

Slope awning installation offers robust sun protection without sacrificing visibility or natural light. Their unobtrusive design makes them an ideal choice for patio covers, providing ample outdoor shade while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

Waterfall awnings

Waterfall awnings offer a distinct, flowing design that captures attention. Ideal for both residential shading and commercial settings, these patio coverings give off a soft yet striking appearance as they curve outward and then straighten down like a cascading waterfall.

Not only do they provide ample sun protection for your outdoor spaces, but their unique shape also adds an artistic touch to decks and patios.

Homeowners appreciate the way waterfall awnings blend functionality with aesthetics. Their canopy options come in various colors and materials, allowing customization to fit any home’s style.

Concave awnings

Concave awnings offer another stylish solution that enhances residential shading and curb appeal.

These canopy options curve inward, creating a distinctive look that stands out on any deck or patio. Homeowners appreciate their unique shape because it adds great architectural interest on their homes.

Concave awnings are often customized to fit specific outdoor spaces, ensuring a seamless integration with your home’s design. Whether you opt for motorized shades for added convenience or stick with a traditional manual system, these awnings serve as an effective outdoor shade solution.

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What We Suggest For Your New Awnings

Here at Deck Bros, we’ve built decks for a lifetime and installed awnings for just as long.

If there’s one thing we noticed is that homeowners love making it easy for themselves. This means no maintenance, no work required, no time wasted, and so on.

Luckily, there are a few upgrades that you can get on your awning to ensure it’ll last as long as possible without you interfering with it.

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If you’ve just gotten a new deck or you want to upgrade an existing space with a beautiful awning, these 7 types of awnings will help you choose the right one for your needs.

As we said, we’ve installed hundreds of awnings, and we can say for certain that the best are motorized models built with aluminum frames and polyester or acrylic fabric.

These will last for a long time and will be easy to use all year round.

But an awning is just as good as its installation. DIYing this project can result in a wobbly awning that can fall and cause a real hazard.

If you need help with a professional awning installation, send us a message or call us directly at (402) 369-5724.