What are the steps for a deck building process?

This Is A Basic Process For How Contractors Build Decks For Clients To Host And Relax On

It’s always nice to know what exactly is happening in your home, especially when it’s a home improvement project. It can help lessen the stress that comes with not knowing!

In this post, you can find out how to build a basic deck. You can also discover what mainly changes this process.

Checking a new deck after building it

How To Build A Deck

*Not all steps will need to be followed depending on your deck design. This is for a basic lower-level deck.

1. Design your deck

Some things to consider:

  • Do you want it at ground level or raised? Raised decks need railings and stairs. Ground-level decks aren’t as expensive because they take less time, labor, and materials.
  • What kind of material do you want to use? Wood and composite material are what most people choose between.
  • How big do you need it to be? This comes down to what you want to do with your deck. It mainly comes down to what you want to put on it and how many people you want to fit on it all at once.
  • Local building codes may require certain designs, permits, and inspections.

2. Call 811

This needs to happen if your design calls for any digging. Accidentally cutting a gas, power, or water line is messy and expensive.

3. Dig post holes if necessary

Figure out where the footings or piers need to be and dig using a posthole digger or power auger.

4. Pour the concrete and place the post anchors

This helps create a strong base for the deck that can support more weight.

5. Attach the posts to the anchors

These posts help support the deck.

6. Attach the rim joists and angle brackets

These will help support your deck so it stays upright. The rim joists go along the edge of the deck.

7. Attach the inner joists to the beam faces

These will help hold everything together.

8. Install the deck boards and add fasteners to the joists

Now comes the actual deck floor! The fasteners help hold the boards in place.

9. Trim the deck boards even

Circular saws and chalk are great for this.

What 4 Main Factors Can Change How To Build A Deck?

  1. Style of the deck. Raised and ground-level decks have different building processes. If you want a more raised deck the process will change. You’ll need stairs and a railing around the deck.
  2. Additions/upgrades. You may want to add things like a drink railing, built-in benches, lighting, and more. They add to your enjoyment but also to your budget.
  3. The work site. Flat, even ground is way easier to work with than uneven ground. Additional work needs to be done for uneven ground, like planning post heights.
  4. Your contractor. Contractors often have slightly different ways of doing their job. As long as they are a pro you’ll still get a great deck!

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